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Drive electric & save

Driving electric is safe and fun! And, when paired with Ava's clean electricity, the cost to refuel an electric vehicle can be a fraction of the cost of gasoline or diesel—even with today's high electricity prices.

Family loading up their electric car while it is plugged in and charging

The transportation sector stubbornly remains the single largest contributor of health-impacting air pollutants in Alameda County and the City of Tracy. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the simplest way to reduce the environmental and human health impacts of driving.

Purchasing an EV

EV Basics

There are three different types of EVs designed to meet different driving needs: all-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric. Different types of EVs qualify for different rebates and incentives. Learn more about the basics of EV ownership.

Incentives & Perks

Although many EVs have a higher up-front cost than gas or diesel counterparts, you could be eligible for thousands of dollars in incentives to help make an electric vehicle more affordable. Plus, average maintenance for an EV is estimated to save you $600 per year (as compared to maintenance costs for an internal combustion engine vehicle).

Find your local relevant incentives using our incentive finder.

Charging Your EV

Imagine never stopping at a gas station again — and having an unlimited supply of fuel available at home or anywhere else you normally park.

EV Electric Rates for Charging at Home

Signing up for a rate plan designed for EV owners will help ensure you pay the lowest price to charge your car at home. EV2-A and E-Elec are recommended time-of-use rate schedules that both offer off-peak, partial-peak, and peak hours. Charging your EV during off-peak hours (between 12:00 AM and 3:00 PM) will help making driving an EV more affordable. The table below compares what you would pay during peak and off-peak rates on E-TOU-C (the default rate in Ava's service area), EV-2A, and a gas-powered vehicle.

It's still cheaper to drive electric, especially if you're on an EV electric rate schedule:

EV2-A (Off Peak) EV2-A (Peak) E-TOU-C (Off Peak) E-TOU-C (Peak) Gas
Cost per 100 Miles $6.44 $14.54 $9.60 $11.66 $17.34
Annual Cost $966 $2,182 $1,439 $1,749 $2,601

*This data was calculated using $4.51 per gallon and mileage for a 2023 Toyota Camry, charging data from a 2019 Tesla Model 3, and E-TOU-C Summer Peak Rates (Off Peak: $0.36999/kWh, Peak: $0.45026/kWh) and EV-2A Summer Rates (Off Peak: $0.24780/kWh, Peak: $0.55602/kWh). Annual costs were calculated assuming 15,000 miles driven per year. Calculated with: chooseev.com/savings-calculator/

You can check which rate you're on, figure out which EV rate is right for you, and select a new rate by logging into your PG&E account or by calling 866.743.0335 and telling the representative that you want to enroll in a new rate schedule.

Learn more about home charging

Charging for renters & workplaces

Nearly 50% of residents in Ava's service area are renters in older buildings without access to EV chargers. PG&E offers a multifamily housing and small business EV Charger program that installs chargers at no cost to the property owner.

You can also update your rate to one of the optimized rates for business and multifamily EV charging: BEV1 or BEV2. Update your rate in your PG&E online account, or by calling 866.743.0335 and telling the representative that you want to enroll in the BEV1 or BEV2 rate.

Public charging

Public chargers can be hard to find and figure out how to use, but there are actually more than 1,300 public charging ports in Ava’s service area. And Ava is currently working to deploy even more fast charging stations.

PlugShare is an app that can help you find public charging stations, like the 1,300 in Ava's service area. You can search by charging speed and by station location.

Before heading out on a road trip, check with the car manufacturer and electric car driving manual for charging options that are right for your electric car. You may also need a subscription to charge with some charging networks.

Drive electric and save

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