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All-Electric Buildings

Ava is exploring what it would take to upgrade local communities to clean, all-electric appliances.

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There are many benefits to switching to all-electric appliances.

Whether it’s your water heater, space heater, or stove, electric appliances are easy to use, more energy efficient, and more eco-friendly than their gas counterparts. Ava is working with our partners Gridworks and E3 to help communities move away from gas appliances toward high-quality electric appliances.

We’re researching a potential new project to fully electrify homes and businesses in a local community. We are collecting feedback from local residents as we consider how a project like this might work.

What all-electric buildings can do

When you switch to the comfort, efficiency, and ease of an all-electric home or business, you also benefit the air you breathe and help the planet.

With California’s ambitious goals to improve air quality and move away from fossil fuels, there are widespread efforts to move away from gas appliances toward electric ones. Here at Ava, we’re in the early stages of examining the next step in the process: switching homes and businesses to all-electric appliances and retiring gas lines from service to ultimately reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

This process, which starts with targeted electrification and leads to gas decommissioning, requires a lot of cooperation. Once every building on a particular gas line stops relying on gas services, there is no longer a need to continue operating that gas line. We’re researching what it will take to electrify a targeted group of homes and businesses to eliminate the need for one part of a gas line.

Ava wants to understand which locations in our service area might make sense for this kind of project—places where gas lines may already be scheduled for repair or replacement, and where the business and home owners in that location are interested in upgrading to all-electric appliances.

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Our Partners

Gridworks is a non-profit that convenes, educates, and empowers stakeholders working to decarbonize our economy.

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Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) is a San Francisco-based economic consultancy that supports policymakers, regulators, utilities, and developers in navigating the clean energy transition.

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