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evFleet Consulting

Ava is helping fleet managers transition to electric trucks with free expert consulting services

EV truck charging

The future of fleets is electric. We'll help you get there.

Medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles are the future of consumer goods movement in California. There are a lot of reasons to invest in electric trucks for your fleet. Electric trucks mean a lower cost per mile for you. They mean a smoother, quieter ride for your drivers. And with new zero-emission fleet requirements in California starting in 2024, it makes sense to create an action plan now for how to start transitioning your fleet.

Ava's evFleet Consulting program delivers a free expert analysis of your fleet and how best to navigate your electrification journey based on your business' needs. Let us help you understand electric truck specs and availability, charging solutions, and available incentives to keep costs low and optimization high.

Get expert help electrifying your Class 2b-8 fleet.

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Why evFleet?

Whether you're interested in electric trucks for the lower operation and maintenance costs, improved driving experience, compliance, and/or meeting your sustainability goals, our evFleet Consulting program is here to help. Each participant gets custom analysis and recommendations from expert advisors at Frontier Energy, GNA, and DKS.

Specifically, we can help with:

  • Recommending zero-emission vehicle models that meet your fleet's needs
  • Creating a charging plan to maintain level of service and achieve fuel savings
  • Complying with California regulations
  • Applying for grants, rebates, and incentives

We're mindful of your busy work week, so we keep our process simple and centered around you and your needs:

Five steps to your future fleet:

1. Submit interest form: Fill the form out below (jump there now).

2. Short phone interview: Our partners at Frontier will reach out to you within two business days of your form submission to ask you about your business needs and goals.

3. Fleet analysis: We work with the data you share with us to evaluate your fleet and provide zero-emission vehicle model recommendations over a realistic time frame for your business.

4. Refueling assessment: If you might be able to install charging stations at your facility, we will visit your site and evaluate it for your charging needs. If this doesn't apply to you, we will connect you with resources for third-party charging solutions.

5. EV Transition Plan: We provide you with a culminating report that details a set of recommendations for your vehicle procurement schedule, charging options, and relevant incentives available to save you money.

Who qualifies for the evFleet Consulting program?

To receive this free service you must:

  • Operate a commercial fleet of on-road Class 2b-8 vehicles
  • Have 5+ vehicles domiciled and operating in Alameda County and/or the City of Tracy

If you have questions, contact drive-electric@avaenergy.org or call 913.373.3197.

Limited Time Offer

The evFleet Consulting program is offering free, comprehensive services to Class 2b-8 fleets through August 2024.

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