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Customer Assistance

Energy Bill Assistance

Need help paying your energy bill? Here are programs that provide financial assistance.

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Ava serves over 100,000 customers who receive discounts on their energy bills because they are income-qualifying. But we know there are many more customers who need help paying their bills, and even customers receiving some level of discount may be eligible for and need additional programs that can help even more. Ava researched available programs, added some of our own, and then developed this web page as a resource to help customers find and enroll in programs that can help them pay their energy bills.

Available programs

Decide which programs are right for you, and which you are eligible for. Here are jump links to several types of programs. Being an Ava customer does not reduce your ability to participate in these programs:

Discounts on your energy bill

Help with overdue bills

Make your home more energy efficient

Additional community resources

Discounts on your energy bill

The programs below provide either an ongoing monthly discount, or a one-time discount on your energy bill.


Provides a 35% discount on your electricity bill and a 20% discount on your natural gas bill.


Provides an 18% discount on your electricity bill.

REACH(Relief for Energy Assistance for Community Help)

Provides one-time, emergency assistance in the form of a one-time energy credit for up to $300, based on the past-due bill balance.

LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households pay their energy bills. The program offers a variety of services, including HEAP, which provides one-time financial assistance; LIWP, which provides weatherization services; and the Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP), which assists low-income households that are in a crisis situation, such as receiving a disconnection notice. Qualifying customers receive up to $1,000 in assistance.

Medical Baseline

Customers with special energy needs related to a medical condition receive an additional allotment of electricity each month at the lowest price available.

Community Solar Green Tariff

Coming soon: Ava’s Disadvantaged Community & Community Solar Green Tariff program

Help with overdue energy bills

Get help to pay down an outstanding balance on your PG&E bill with this debt forgiveness payment plan: Arrearage Management Program (AMP)

Make your home more energy efficient

Energy-efficient homes and solar-powered homes mean lower energy bills, and also tend to be less drafty and more comfortable. These programs can help make homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

Disadvantaged Communities – Single-Family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH)

This California state program provides incentives to help homeowners in disadvantaged communities go solar; specifically it enables income-qualified homeowners in DACs to receive no-cost rooftop solar installations.

Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESA)

The Energy Savings Assistance Program provides no-cost weatherization services, such as installation of insulation, caulking and light bulbs, and replacement of appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, and furnaces.

Additional Community Resources

The East Bay area has other programs for people who need financial assistance. Some of those are listed below.

Alameda County Season of Sharing - Critical Family Needs (CFN) Assistance

One-time, merit-based assistance to applicants who demonstrate a critical need arising from emergency circumstances beyond their control.

Alameda County Emergency Assistance

*As of April 2023, this program is not accepting new applications.*

The Alameda County Housing Secure Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ACHS-ERAP) will help income-eligible households pay rent and utilities, both for past due and future payments. The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 provides funding to support the program.

Phase 1 of the program launched March 17, 2021. Phase 1 of the program will prioritize (1) tenant households making less than 30% of the area median income; (2) small rental property owners (5 units or less); and (3) tenants in subsidized affordable housing units. These priorities will be expanded in Phase 2.

CHANGES organizations

CPUC's CHANGES (Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electric Services) program provides services to Limited English Proficient consumers who need help with energy issues.

Keep Oakland Housed

*As of April 2023, this program is not accepting new applications.*

Keep Oakland Housed (KOH), a partnership of nonprofit organizations, will be administering Federal emergency rental assistance funds. The funding will provide financial assistance to low-income tenants impacted by COVID-19 and can cover past rent due, prospective rent (up to three months), and utility expenses. Funding is provided to the property owners or utility service providers.

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