East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is now Ava Community Energy (Ava). New name, new look. Same clean energy, low rates, and local programs.

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Who We Are

Ava is a public agency based in Oakland with a staff of about 70, governed by a Board of local elected officials. Ava is staffed primarily by renewable energy industry veterans.

Group of employees who work at East Bay Community Energy

Board of Directors

The Ava Community Energy Board of Directors is made up of an elected official from each of the participating jurisdictions and one representative (non-voting) from the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Our Board meets once a month and all meetings are open to the public. Visit the Public Meetings page for more information about the Board’s meetings.

The Board sets rates and determines the mix of power sources. You can view a copy of the final Joint Powers Authority agreement here (PDF).

Ava’s Board of Directors has an Executive Committee that meets monthly. Members of the Executive Committee are indicated in bold.

Jurisdiction Member Alternate
Alameda County Supervisor Elisa Márquez (Chair) Supervisor Lena Tam
Albany Mayor Aaron Tiedemann Councilmember Robin López
Berkeley Vice Mayor Ben Bartlett Councilmember Terry Taplin
Dublin Councilmember Sherry Hu Councilmember Kashef Qaadri
Emeryville Mayor John Bauters Councilmember Sukhdeep Kaur
Fremont Vice Mayor Teresa Cox Mayor Lily Mei
Hayward Councilmember Julie Roche Councilmember Daniel Goldstein
Livermore Councilmember Ben Barrientos Councilmember Evan Branning
Newark Councilmember Matthew Jorgens Mayor Mike Hannon
Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan
Piedmont Vice Mayor Betsy Andersen Councilmember Tom Ramsey
Pleasanton Vice Mayor Jack Balch (Vice Chair) Councilmember Jeff Nibert
San Leandro Mayor Juan González III Councilmember Fred Simon
Stockton Councilmember Dan Wright Vice Mayor Kimberly Warmsley
Tracy Councilmember Mateo Bedolla Councilmember Dan Arriola
Union City Councilmember Jaime Patiño Vice Mayor Gary Singh
Community Advisory Committee (non-voting) Anne Oliva Eldred, Chair Ed Hernandez, Vice Chair

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of twelve members (ten appointed by the Board of Directors to represent five service area regions, and two At Large members appointed by the Alameda County Mayors' Conference) plus five Alternates. The committee acts as a liaison between key stakeholders and our Board, holding public committee meetings on a regular basis. Visit the Public Meetings page for more information about CAC meetings.

About the Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee was formed in 2016 as part of the Ava Community Energy Joint Powers Authority and appointed by the Board of Directors to advise the Board on all subjects related to the operations of the Community Choice Aggregation program. The CAC gives the community a voice in its choice for electricity services, clean energy resource investments, and local energy projects.

Ava strives to ensure a diversity of members and alternates based on location, population, work experience, and community interest.

Click to see the Community Advisory Committee Work Plan (PDF)

Name Region City of Residence
Anne Olivia Eldred, Chair North Oakland
Cynthia Landry North Oakland
Jim Lutz At Large Oakland
Lisa Hu North Oakland
Joel Liu East Pleasanton
Shiva Swaminathan South Fremont
Vijay Lakshman South Fremont
Lorraine Souza Central Hayward
Ernesto Pacheco Central Hayward
Ed Hernandez,Vice Chair At Large San Leandro
Harman Ratia San Joaquin Tracy

Leadership Team & Staff

Leadership Team

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