East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is now Ava Community Energy (Ava). New name, new look. Same clean energy, low rates, and local programs.

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Why is Ava Community Energy on your bill?

Cows roam under the wind turbines at Ava's Scott Haggerty Wind Energy Center in Livermore, CA
  • Ava is your local, not-for-profit electricity generation provider.
  • Ava generation charges replace the generation charges you used to pay to PG&E.
  • All PG&E electricity bills include two aspects to electricity service, regardless of whether Ava is on your bill or not:
    • Generation (either provided by Ava or PG&E)
    • Transmission and Delivery (provided by PG&E, the same costs regardless of who provides generation)
  • Local cities founded Ava in 2018 to help save money and achieve climate action plan targets, among other goals. That means you've likely received electricity generation from Ava for several years!
  • Recent high prices may have led you to look more closely at your bill, and we know bills are complicated. Keep reading for more detailed information.

Ava Community Energy (Ava) is a public agency created in 2018 to provide an alternative to PG&E electric generation.

Ava provides electric generation service, which means we build renewable power projects (like the wind farm in Livermore that's shown at the top of this page) to serve the electricity demands of our customers.

We offer two electricity service plans:

  • Bright Choice, our standard plan, is priced 5% below PG&E rates.
  • Renewable 100 guarantees 100% California-generated wind and solar and is priced 1/4 cent more than PG&E rates.

PG&E owns and maintains all of the transmission lines (the physical poles and wires that you may see on your street), so they take care of the delivery and billing aspects of your service.

Recently, there was a large rate increase on the delivery portion of the bill, which is likely the cause for your recent bill increase. Learn more about the recent rate changes.

Because Ava is a public agency, processes and decisions are completely transparent and we reinvest the earnings back into the community in the form of customer credits, local development, and clean power projects. Our Board and Community Advisory Committee meetings open to the public. You can attend a public meeting and let your voice be heard.

How it works

Number 1

Ava buys clean power

Ava buys from, and is building, clean power plants. Ava sells the power to customers at low rates.

Windmills and solar panels collecting power from the wind and sun.

Number 2

PG&E delivers the power

Ava’s power is delivered to customers by PG&E. Customers pay PG&E for power delivery as they always have.

Windmills sending power to the power lines.

Number 3

You get the power and all the benefits

You benefit from cleaner energy, low rates, local governance, and innovative programs.

Clean power running to homes like yours.